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"I will start working when my coffee does"
For nine out of ten people, high-quality coffee makes them more engaged at work.  They feel valued, and they like it.   A productive working day starts with a cup of great coffee. Good meetings are fueled by good coffee. The sunny kind.
Quality coffee

Quality coffee

We handpick our Arabica coffees, a balanced range of origins. 
Flavour and aroma to everyone’s taste and price. To be turned into a delicious espresso, latte or cappuccino. The real stuff.

Sustainable & fair

Ray & Jules built the world’s first solar powered roaster. 3x less energy, powered by 100% sun. We make maximum use of reusable packaging and transport on renewable energy.  And better still: we have just been FairTrade certified.
Jura coffee machine

At your (full) service

Our coffee comes as you prefer: just beans or with something extra on the side? Milk, sugar, chocolate,… you can count on us.  Want to rent or purchase a full-service coffee machine?  Ray & Jules works with the quality & energy efficient Jura Professional machines.  We maintain it for you, if you want.

Share the cost

Do you want to serve tasteful coffee, yet on a tight budget?  Or do you want to offer your employees extra paying choices next to a basic option?  Then our Smart Payment systems can be the solution.  Easy, hassle-free, and the employee’s choice in one out of 5 moments.

Your personal baristas

Your coffee is personal. So are we. You like flexibility.  We too. We roast our coffee in Belgium on our own hand-built machine. Any question you have, goes straight to Ray & Jules, your personal baristas.

For all your questions or personalized offers

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